Sound environmental policy is sound economic policy.

Putting all policy through an environmental lens means that our children will be able to choose a similar priority. Failure to do so means they won’t have any choice about it.

I’m no stranger to making sure that our ecology is always first on the agenda. Here’s an interview I did with Tricia Clarkson this August.

As a private citizen, I have forwarded the climate agenda personally and professionally:

  • by running for the Green Party of Canada in 2019
  • by phasing out the purchasing of bottled water at One Roof Community Centre
  • by having grass at my home partially replaced with a pollinator garden
  • by biking everywhere that I can
  • by attending protests in solidarity with Indigenous neighbours who fight for the sovereignty of their land and water

As your City Counsellor I will:

  • Always vote to preserve our limited green space.
  • Vote in favour of projects that extend the bicycle lane network
  • Vote in favour of funding that increases our public transit’s accessibility and ridership
  • Vote in favour of projects that calm traffic