It’s time to do politics differently

Peterborough’s City Council has been divided. Cooperation is necessary.

I have often wanted to tell people that I’m not a politician. I still feel like I’m not; I want to go to work, put in my effort, just want to flip burgers on my barbeque and have a beer and care about things like anyone else does, and I don’t want to be slimy about it.

No matter “Left” or “Right”, politicians have earned their reputation. Often we are seen making promises, smiling and nodding, happy to say whatever needs to be said to get elected. Sadly, I recently witnessed a beloved fellow candidate make a promise to be their “top priority”, an issue over which they have no jurisdiction or agency, to someone who will never know they were swindled.

I want to be different.

I value integrity.

I’m not perfect. But I am humble, and accept that I make mistakes, and I grow from them. I accept that I am not a master of much, but I am ready to learn especially when experts speak. I am grateful to have a team of folks to whom I am accountable; a diverse collection of people whom I have asked to reach out to me to call me out when they need to.

I want to be a different kind of City Counsellor.

As your City Counsellor, I will:

  • hold quarterly Town Hall meetings with constituents; an opportunity for engaged neighbours to send feedback and have concerns addressed, in a public format that fosters inclusivity
  • Work with fellow counsellors to make reasonable and attainable progress on any portfolio
  • Never make outlandish election promises
  • Leave this campaign website fully functional for the duration of my term: you can hold me accountable to my own words

Every lawn sign shall only be placed by direct request